A downloadable game for Windows

Play as an empty-minded robot with no built-in abilities. You can't even walk.

Gain ablities by dragging them into your brain.

If you hold too many, there's a chance they might just fall out!

Collect skills as you complete levels so that when you return, you can traverse their harder puzzles to find upgrades to your brain capacity

Made for the Minijam 100: Overload with the restriction of "Chaos is everything."
Overload your brain to hold more skills, but at the risk of being beset by chaos as they start to slip back out.
The primary motivation behind this design was to explore Unreal Engine's GameplayAbilitySystem. Its expansive and modular nature made it trivial to add and remove abilities, so making new skills each took no more than 5 minutes.

NumbuhFour - Programming/Development
My lovely wife Yums - Design and levels
AltasWolf - Audio and levels

Third Party:
Code originally adapted from tranek's GASShooter
Tile Art from Kenny Vleugel's Platformer Art Complete Pack
Font is Coverface by Igor C. Barros

Made with Unreal Engine 5 Early Access


Braindump-Windows Original Jam Submission.zip 111 MB
Braindump-Windows v1.1 -Postjam fixes.zip 111 MB

Install instructions

Unzip and run "GASShooter.exe". GASShooter is the name of the template project, and renaming projects in Unreal is unreasonably difficult.

Development log

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